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Taking pictures has always been a passion of mine. I am blessed to absorb so many great moments with my family, friends and places I go, that I am instantly drawn to make memories of them. It is in these moments that I realize God has given me something great; a desire to take the moment of today and be thankful for it tomorrow, the day after and for years to come - the amazing power of a photograph.

Taking this passion and giving it to you, is a dream come true. I am thankful to my amazing husband who on our wedding day vowed to support me in my hobbies, interests & passions, which he does every day and to my two kids who I am blessed to be at home with; they have tremendous patience with me as I drive them all crazy with having my camera everywhere we go! As your photographer, my focus is on the spontaneous energy of your family. With years of experience capturing many moments of my own family, I have learned that sometimes the most memorable pictures happen when we least expect them. Whether on location or in my home studio , my goal is to give you back in pictures moments of your family that you least expected but love the most.